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Professional Liability Insurance

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is a vital protection for professionals in various industries. It covers legal claims arising from errors, mistakes, or negligence in the services provided by professionals to their clients. This insurance is designed to safeguard professionals' careers and reputations, providing financial support for legal defense costs and potential settlements.

What does Professional Liability Insurance cover?

Professional liability insurance offers comprehensive coverage for professionals facing claims related to their services. It protects against allegations of errors, omissions, or negligent acts that result in financial losses or harm to clients. This coverage applies to various professional industries, ensuring that individuals can continue providing their services without undue financial burdens.

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Not Cover?

While professional liability insurance is comprehensive, it does not cover all types of risks. It typically does not include intentional wrongdoing or illegal activities. Additionally, it may not cover claims related to property damage or bodily injury, which are usually covered under general liability insurance. Professionals should carefully review their policy exclusions to understand what risks may not be covered.

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance is relevant to a wide range of professionals who offer services or advice to clients. Any individual or business providing professional services should consider obtaining this coverage to mitigate potential legal risks and protect their livelihood.

Some types of professions that should consider Professional Liability Insurance:

Medical Professionals: Such as Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Nurses and Medical Consultants.

Legal Professionals: Such as Lawyers, Attorneys, and Legal Consultants.

Financial Professionals: Such as Accountants, Financial Advisors and Tax Consultants.

Real Estate Professionals: Such as Real Estate Agents, Property Manages and Appraisers.

Consultants: Such as Management Consultants, IT Consultants and Business Consultants.

Architects and Engineers: Such as Architects, Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers.

Health and Wellness Professionals: Such as Psychologists, Therapists and Personal Trainers

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I get Professional Liability Coverage for claims arising after I retire?

Yes, it is possible to obtain coverage for claims that arise after you retire through what is known as "tail coverage" or "extended reporting period" endorsements. These endorsements can be....Read More

Does Professional Liability Insurance cover claims made during a past policy period?

Yes, Professional Liability Insurance can provide coverage for claims that are made during a past policy period, as long as the alleged error....Read More

Does Professional Liability Insurance cover claims related to design errors?

Yes, Professional Liability Insurance often covers claims related to design errors. Design professionals, such as architects and engineers, can face legal claims resulting from errors or negligence in their....Read More

How are premiums calculated for Professional Liability Insurance?

Premiums for Professional Liability Insurance are determined based on several key factors that assess the level of risk associated with a specific profession....Read More

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