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Excess Liability Insurance

What is Excess Liability Insurance?

Excess Liability Insurance, also known as umbrella insurance, is a supplementary insurance policy that extends the coverage beyond the limits of your primary liability insurance policies. It acts as a financial safety net, providing additional protection in case a claim or lawsuit exceeds the limits of your existing primary insurance coverage.

Who Needs Excess Liability Insurance?

Excess Liability Insurance is beneficial for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their liability protection. It's especially important for those with substantial assets, as it shields them from the risk of losing their savings, investments or property in the event of a costly lawsuit. High-net-worth individuals and business owners often opt for excess liability insurance to ensure they are adequately protected against unforeseen and financially devastating liability claims.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any types of policies that Excess Liability will not cover?

Yes, Excess Liability Insurance, while providing additional coverage for a wide range of liability claims, may still have limitations and typically does not cover certain types of policies or claims....Read More

What business category should have an Excess Liability Insurance policy?

While the need for Excess Liability Insurance can apply to businesses in numerous categories, some key business categories that commonly benefit from having such a policy include:...Read More

Why would my business be required to have an Excess Liability Insurance policy?

A business may be required to have an Excess Liability Insurance policy for several reasons, including legal, contractual, or regulatory obligations, as well as practical risk management considerations. Here are some scenarios in which a business might be required or strongly advised to carry Excess Liability Insurance:...Read More

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